Nursing Assistant (CNA)

A limited number of YouthBuild students may qualify for the CNA Nursing program where they will have the opportunity to become a certified Nursing Assistant. YBLouisville students have the opportunity to build housing for low-income families and individuals in our community while getting career counseling and leadership training that will lead to college or employment. YouthBuild is completely different than a regular high school shop class. Your training starts in the classroom, but then quickly moves off campus to a local job site. Our students will learn about all aspects of residential construction on a real job site, gaining hands-on experience with power tools, deconstruction, foundations, framing walls and roofs, installing doors and windows and interior finishes, siding, and painting. As a pre-apprenticeship program, YouthBuild can help students gain direct entry into many local construction apprenticeship programs while providing the following certifications:

Students will complete 400 hours of classroom instruction focusing on nursing assistant skills, infection control, anatomy and physiology, medical math, and medical terminology. Students will also complete 60 off-site clinical hours in preparation for the Kentucky State NACES NAC license written & skills exam. This career path will lead to direct jobs in the health care industry. In fact, through the off-site clinical program, many of our students are able to secure full-time job placements before they even graduate from the program. YBLouisville students will be able to earn the following certifications and credits:

  • Nursing Assistant Certified License
  • First Aid/CPR/AED Certification
  • HIV/AIDS & Blood Borne Pathogens Lifetime Certification
  • Tech Prep credits for Community and Technical Colleges

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