Rise Together

Defining The Capital Campaign

The Capital Campaign for Youthbuild Louisville (YBL) focuses on fund development to support the expansion of YBL's campus. The expansion serves as a catalyst for necessary services while providing supportive, sustainable revenue streams for the future of YBL. Design plans respond to YBL's projected increase in program enrollment to more than double in size. PLUS, with the SummerWorks Program, the expansion offers an opportunity to create a full time Job Development Center for youth in Smoketown and from neighborhoods across Louisville.

Return On Investment

Recognizing the value of the program and the return on investment (ROI), projected in a study completed by Vanderbilt University as high as $45 dollars for every dollar invested, leaders from across Louisville are joining with YBL to support the Capital Campaign. We invite you to RISE TOGETHER in this campaign for youth, for community and for future generations.

YBL Expansion Details

YouthBuild Louisville’s Green Campus is a living laboratory and incubator to improve the personal, social and economic health of our youth, neighbors, and community. The new education building expansion and integrated green campus are catalysts for necessary services while providing supportive, sustainable revenue streams for the future of the Agency.

We are raising $1.9MM for completion and sustainability. The completion features are designed, engineered, and permitted. Please spread the word and join in our campaign to complete the facilities. Donations of cash and specified materials are most welcome!

The new additions to the built environment of the campus will include:

· Certified Nursing Assistant Program Classroom
· Kitchen expansion for Culinary Track preparedness
· Environmental Education Laboratory Classroom
· Project Warm Weatherization Program Space
· Job Training Center
· Education & Training Space
· Case Management Counseling Suite
· Fitness/Health Training Room
· Community Meeting Space
· Administrative Staff Offices
· Urban Agriculture and Art Barn
· Cedar Garden Product Line Wood Workshop


Completing the expansion of YouthBuild Louisville's Campus and implementing the Sustainability Plan will provide a comprehensive space to better serve local youth and families and contribute to long term community vitality.

Expanded Youth Job Training
YBL anticipates a 65% enrollment increase each year for the next 3 years. The expansion builds capacity to connect more youth to opportunity, education and employment, improve academic standings and vocational skills.

Sustainable Training Environment
Built environments on the Green Campus are living laboratories that encourage students and visitors to engage in preservation, natural resource conservation, and personal health and wellness. YouthBuild’s campus expansion will complete a beautiful, clean and safe campus that is designed to experience care, enhance knowledge of ecology, and encourage desirable social interactions.

Improved Quality of Life
On-campus community partners will provide additional instruction. Project Warm, Jewish Family and Career Services, HAZMAT Kentucky, and IDEASxLab will have physical space to offer advanced education, job training and credential opportunities to more community members. This will increase abilities for neighbors and businesses to thrive and improve the  vitality of our community.

Positive Economic Growth
YBL implements economic development strategies aimed at fostering growth, promoting employment and paving the way for improved well-being. The expansion will provide a flexible space to assist corporate partners with training for their workforce to meet entry level requirements while filling a critical need for education and employment for young adults in extreme poverty in order to support current workplace needs. The long term goals of an enhanced operating environment and improved community conditions positively affect income and economic stability, unemployment rates, property valuation, and livability. Increased organizational support assures the sustainability of YBL as a community economic anchor.


With broad community support and hands-on hard work, YouthBuild Louisville transformed a vacant and blighted urban commercial space into an oasis of beauty and thoughtfully integrated learning spaces in the heart of Smoketown. YouthBuild Louisville (YBL) consolidated the 8 parcels of land located at 800-826 South Preston Street in the Smoketown neighborhood. YouthBuild develops and provides essential programs and services for young people concurrent with the evolving landscape of our campus and community. This thriving corner of Smoketown is an anchor and essential for the well-being of the youth we serve and the growing economic health of the neighborhood.