How do I join YBL?

YES! I meet the qualifications for joining YouthBuild Louisville. What's next?!

Steps to joining YouthBuild Louisville:

1) Complete the Application: 

Click here for the YouthBuild Student Application!

2) Documentation

You'll want to start collecting all your documentation right away, to be ready for the next class.  You will need to provide the following documents in order to join the YouthBuild Program.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you do not have this information your enrollment may be delayed, so it's important that you start this process so you can join the next class.

If you currently do not have one or more of the items listed below, don't worry!  Just click on the links provided and start requesting these items from each provider.  It can take a few weeks for them to process and mail out your requested documents, so you'll want to start NOW!

3)  Interviews & Assessments

Interviews are scheduled based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once your application has been reviewed, a staff member will contact you to schedule your preliminary interview. You will need to bring two forms of ID and the documents listed above to your interview.  During your interview, you will complete a  TABE test (tests your academic knowledge) and a personal assessment.  A YouthBuild staff member will review the basics of the YouthBuild Program and give you a tour of the facility.  This is your chance to ASK QUESTIONS and see if this is RIGHT FOR YOU!

4)  Mental Toughness

Following in‐person interviews with all applicants, YouthBuild Louisville staff meet to select which applicants they believe would most benefit from the program, and those who seem most likely complete the 10-month program.  The selected applicants are then invited to Mental Toughness [MT].

MT is an intensive, two-week selection process, that is designed to assess and introduce potential participants for the rigors of the YBLouisville training and learning model. MT sessions are the final stage in the application process and determine who will be enrolled as a program participant. Applicants are accepted into MT by demonstrating their motivation to attend YouthBuild, and they must adhere to a series of rules and guidelines to show their dedication to complete the MT training.

During the powerful all-day sessions, participants will be introduced to construction-related experiences, leadership challenges, several team building activities, and staff-led exercises. The purpose of Mental Toughness is to check each applicant’s desire to be in the program and willingness and ability to work hard, follow instructions, and get along with others. Mental Toughness is designed to expose potential participants to the kinds of activities and demands they will encounter once enrolled full time in YouthBuild.

After completing Mental Toughness, students will be chosen to join the next class of YouthBuild Louisville.