Campus Partners

YouthBuild Louisville is home to many strategic partners from various sectors who provide the services, opportunities, and support that young people need to build productive lives and sustainable communities.

Having these partners on our campus helps us provide a breadth of services that otherwise would require travel, additional time, and expense. By sharing space, our work is integral to one another and we can overlap our learning practices. In return, the partner benefits from our “built-in” clientele and collaborative structure that allows them to optimize their efficiency.

For example:

  • Hazmat Kentucky offers young people in our YouthBuild program with occupational health and safety certification training, such as OSHA-10 and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In return, HazMat can utilize our conference rooms, storage and outdoor spaces for organizational training in a centralized downtown location.
  • SummerWorks matches youth 16-21 with high-quality summer work opportunities. Many of our YouthBuild students are enrolled in the SummerWorks program and intern at jobs that are of personal interest to them. SummerWorks builds relationships with YBL students throughout the year, allowing SummerWorks staff to identify placement opportunities and employer relationships to cultivate. This personalized match would not be possible without daily interaction and relationship building.
  • Project Warm helps low-income households reduce energy costs and utility bills by providing weatherization and energy management services. Students assist in multiple projects throughout the year and learn valuable weatherization skills, working alongside experienced craftsmen. These skills are then applied in their own homes.

Because of these partnerships, our campus, located in the heart of Smoketown, is a hub for youth services.