Hire us!

By hiring a YouthBuild graduate you gain a terrific employee while serving as a conscientious corporate citizen by giving a career opportunity to a young person who overcame barriers. When young people have access to meaningful and rewarding work, they help themselves and their families climb the economic ladder, improving health and education outcomes for future generations.

YouthBuild trains and prepares approximately 30 young people each year for apprenticeships, entry-level jobs, and growth potential careers. Our graduates gain the experience necessary for construction and other fields.

When you hire a YouthBuild graduate, you’ll be working with a young person who has a lot to offer and has built a support network that will be there to help the graduate both on and off the job.

We teach participants how to:

• Dress appropriately for work

• Build their resumes

• Interview for a job

• Handle relationships at work

• Deal with peer pressure

• Budget and save money

• Manage bank accounts, credits, and investments

• Care for and repair a home

• Prevent or treat substance use and abuse problems

Recruit your next great employee from our network of YouthBuild graduates. Contact YouthBuild today at (502) 290-6121 or jobs@yblky.org.